Who are we

Count is a majority-owned subsidiary of CountPlus Limited, an ASX listed company. Count is one of Australia’s largest networks of accountant based professional financial advisers and we have been servicing clients for 40 years. Our network of advisers are located all over Australia and can help you with different financial advice services tailored to your specific circumstances.

What is an advice licensee?

You have probably heard the term ‘licensee’ or ‘AFSL (Australian Financial Services License) when referring to advice services in Australia. Essentially, what this means is that individuals need to be licensed in order to provide financial advice, and Count offers this solution to qualified professionals who meet our education, experience and character criteria. Our advisers are not employees, but they are part of Count’s network and can provide financial advice as ‘Authorised Representatives’ under our license.

The value of financial advice

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Tailored financial advice factors in your objectives to develop a strategic plan, purpose-built for your specific circumstances. Count financial advisers have the training, tools and experience to help you on this journey.

What are the costs?

Generally, your initial appointment will be complimentary as you will have the opportunity to hear what your adviser can do for your circumstances before you commit to proceeding with a financial plan. A ‘Statement of Advice’ will be produced that explains the fees involved for those specific recommendations.