Why choose a Count adviser

What we do

Count’s network of financial advisers are licensed to provide advice on some or all of the following financial products and services:

  • Savings accounts and term deposits
  • Treasury bonds and notes
  • Managed funds
  • Listed shares and exchange traded funds (ETFs)
  • Superannuation, SMSFs and retirement savings accounts
  • Margin loans
  • Insurance (life, trauma, income protection and business overheads)

Who we can help

Young and starting out

You’re never too young to think about how financial advice can benefit you. Whether it’s saving for your first home, or wanting a plan in place to protect your loved ones, commencing your advice journey at a young age will set the foundation to achieve your future goals and objective.

Working professionals

As your career grows, your expenses often do the same as new challenges like mortgage repayments and raising a family come into the picture. If you’re in this phase of life, financial advice can help you have the right plan in place to let you focus on living.


As you start winding down from full time work, a Count financial adviser can help you determine and achieve your retirement goals, so that you can achieve the lifestyle you desire. They can also help with transition to retirement strategies that give you more flexibility to take advantage of tax concessions and improve your super balance.


When you’ve stopped working, it’s natural to enjoy the newfound freedom but it can also be a daunting financial prospect if you’re used to a certain lifestyle. A Count financial adviser can help you set up regular income streams like account-based pensions and annuities, or determine if you’re eligible for Age Pension and other government benefits.

Discover more about the value of advice

At Count we believe the foundation of successful investing are knowledge, experience and insight. You can access our ongoing publications that help keep you up to date with information about the value of advice, investing and key events that are occurring in the financial world.